Your donation supports children, families and civil society in Kyrgyzstan

Happy Kyrgyz child in physiotherapy

Your donation contributes to children and their parents in Kyrgyzstan leading a better life together :

Sponsor a Child

Your sponsorship of 28 Euro/30 $ per month enables a child to benefit from the Uplift-Mother-Program.

Your donation contributes to giving orphans in Kyrgyzstan the chance of a better life, and to prevent social orphans being given up for adoption.

Donate using Paypal

You decide the amount of your sponsorship. If you prefer to donate to a particular program, please name the program in your transfer.

Donations can be made through an account we have set up through a church in California. With your check please include a note that designates your contribution for Uplift-Aufwind. To receive a receipt for your charitable contribution, write a note and ask ask for it.  Actions of the Heart has a EIN number for this purpose.

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We only use your personal details for internal administration. They will not be given to third parties.

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