Less social orphans through strong families

In our program “Preventing of child abandoment” we strengthen mothers and families who, due to their difficult situation, are forced to consider giving their child up to an orphanage.

Many parents are devastated when their child is born with a physical disability or severe illness. They are facing the uncertainty as to wether they have the financial means to afford the expensive and ongoing medical costs associated with their child’s disability or illness. Often resulting in the opinion that their child would be better off in an orphanage.

Most parents are constraint to consider the full parameters of giving up their child.

P.S. In the vast majority of cases, children around the world are best cared for by their own family.

Parents in Need = Children in Need

When a family gives a child to an orphanage, it harms both – the child and the birth family: Parents have to deal with the emotional turmoil that giving away their child entails. The child becomes an orphan and does no longer growing up with the love and support of a household with two parents. In order to prevent this we have developed the Uplift-Prevention-Program in collaboration with the children’s home in Bishkek, which is specialised for babies. We support and accompany women with the aim of keeping the child. The individual situation and need of every mother are the main focus of our program with our work being accordingly diverse.

For example, we ensure in case of emergencies basic financial support, supply baby cloths and provide help with medical issues. Sometimes even a single conversation during a conflict suffices to convince a mother to keep her child.

Examples of the difficult circumstances faced by mothers:

  • Her child was born with a disability or illness.
  • She lives in poverty or is homeless.
  • Her husband has left her and so she does not have any financial security.
  • She is still a teenager.
  • She is ill.
  • There is a serious familial conflict.

Project start: January 2009
Total reported cases: more than 1500
Cases prevented: more than 900

PS: In the vast majority of cases, children all over the world are best cared for in their own families.

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